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Bachelor of Arts Program in Thai Sign Language Interpreting
(Revised program 2010)

Name of Degree

Full Name : Bachelor of Arts (Thai Sign Language Interpreting)

Abbreviation : B.A. (Thai Sign Language Interpreting)

Major or expertise of the curriculum

The Bachelor of Arts Program in Thai Sign Language Interpreting is a curriculum which produces professional Thai Sign Language Interpreters. They can provide the Thai Sign Language interpreting service to general public and people with hearing impairment in order to communicate or exchange their data, knowledge, experience, idea with each other at the community, societal and national level. The service can be done in the private and public institutions with various situations, for example, educational, medical, legal, as well as in the national conferences.

Philosophy of the Program

The Bachelor of Arts Program in Thai Sign Language Interpreting is a curriculum which provides an education to meet the needs of the society based on the principles of human rights, Thai culture and sign language interpreting professional.

Admission Requirements

The applicant needs to have the qualifications as follows ;

  • 1. Be a hearing or hard of hearing person who is able to listen and speak Thai language clearly
  • 2. Hold a high school certificate (Matthayomsuksa 6 or Grade 12) or equivalent
  • 3. Be a service minded person with good attitudes towards the Deaf
  • 4. Pass the entrance exam in regard to criteria of the Office of Higher Education Commission and/or the University

Career after Graduation

Student who graduated from this program can be serving as a Thai Sign Language interpreter at the National Office for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (NEP), the Department of Social Development and Welfare, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, educational institutions - from the basic education to the tertiary education levels, the Ministry of Labor, the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Local Administration, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, organizations of people with disabilities, international organizations or a freelance Thai Sign Language Interpreter.

credits (lecture-lab-self study)
MUGE 101 General Education for Human Development ๒ (๑ – ๒ – ๓)
MUGE 102 Social Studies for Human Development ๓ (๒ – ๒ – ๕)
MUGE 103 Arts and Sciences for Human Development ๒ (๑ – ๒ – ๓)

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