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Assoc. Prof. Nuttaneeya Torugsa, Ph.D.

Photo of Dr.Nuttaneeya Torugsa
Lecturer of Master Degree Program in Rehabilitation Administration
for Person with Disabilities
E-mail address

Educational Background

Doctoral Degree
Management University of Tasmania, Australia; 2010
Master Degree
International Business University of Tasmania, Australia; 2007
Bachelor Degree
Economics (Honours) (International Program) Thammasat University; 2005

Research Interest

  • - Innovation management and policy in the public, non-profit and private sectors
  • - Sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and strategic management
  • - Health service management
  • - Innovative research designs, methods and analyses that make research intellectually relevant and meaningful for practice

Extensive experience in analysing large-scale data obtained from international, national and regional sources, as well as in employing various statistical and modelling techniques


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