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Dr.Supin Nayong Profile

Ms. Supin Nayong picture
Lecturer of Bachelor Degree Program in Deaf Study
E-mail address

Educational Background

Doctoral Degree
Ph.D. (Higher Education)
Master Degree
MA ( Special Education)
Bachelor Degree
B.A. ( Construction Management )

Research Interest

  • - Deaf Studies
  • - Thai Sign Language Interpreter


  • - Unawan Manjai, Jenjira Tedtim, and Supin Nayong.(2001). A Study of Bilingualism in Kindergarten of Nakornpathom Special Education School.

  • - Jitprapa Sri-on, Jenjira Tedtim, Siriwan Maungsiri and Supin Nayong. (2002). A Study of Holiday Time Spending Behavior of Deaf of Bangkok. Nakornpathom : Ratchasuda College, Mahidol University.

  • - Jitprapa Sri-on, Jenjira Tedtim, Supin Nayong And Siriwan Maungsiri .(2004). Follow -up and Evaluation of the Demonstative Classes of Bilingual Teaching Project of Deaf Student in Nakornpathom School for the Deaf. Nakornpathom : Ratchasuda College, Mahidol University.

  • - Supin Nayong. (2007). Status of Doing Research by Staff of Faculty of Ratchasuda Colledge, Mahidol University. Nakornpathom : Ratchasuda College, Mahidol University.