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Asst.Prof. Sutha Luealamai, Ph.D. Profile

Lect.Dr. Sutha Luealamai picture
- Lecturer of Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Studies
E-mail address

Educational Background

Doctoral Degree
Doctor of Philosophy (Science and Technology Education) Mahidol University Recognized as Outstanding Student (Dean's List award) for Academic Year 2010
Master Degree
Master of Science (Technology of Information System Management) Mahidol University
Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) Silpakorn University

Research Interest

  • - Computer education: Computer multimedia, Computer Assisted Instruction, E-Learning, Games and Simulation
  • - Science education: Learning organization in science classroom, Science teaching technique, Model-based learning


  • - Simulation games: Unit cell

  • - Physical model: Unit cell & 3D-Geometry shape


  • - - Luealamai, S., & Panijpan, B.(2012). Learning about the Unit Cell and Crystal Lattice (A pilot study): A Combination of Computer-Based Simulations and Games. simulation and Gaming Journal, 43, 67-84. _____(Ph.D. Thesis)

  • - Luealamai, S., Panijpan, B., Ruenwongsa, P.(2010). Using Computer Simulation and Game Module to Enhance Undergraduate Students' 3D-Visualization. The International Journal Journal of Learning, 17(5), 355-370.

  • - Luealamai., S. (2010,25-27). A Building Block Set: A new hands-on game for enhancing students' perception of geometry. Oral presentation from National Conference on ThaiSim2010: Learning from experience through game and simulations. trang, Thailand.

  • - Panijpan, B., Luealamai, S. (2009, 29 June-3 July). A game and simulation multimedia to teach atomic packing in crystal unit cells. In Proceeding from the 40th International Conference on ISAGA2009: Game to Learn-Learn to Game. National University of Singapore.

  • - Luealamai,S., Sukhseelueang, S., & Panijpan, B. (2009, 25-27 March). Fundamental Genetics. inProceeding from the 16th National Conference on Genetics for National Energy Crisis. Thammasat University, Thailand.

  • - Luealamai, S. (2008, 6-8 October). Online Genetics. In Proceeding from National Conference on ICT2008. Mahidol Wittayanusorn school, Thailand.