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Master of Education
(Education for Persons with Special Needs)

Course Description

credits (lecture-lab-self study)

RSES 625 Teaching Children with Multiple 3 (2–2–5)
Disabilities and Deafblindness

Diversity in children with multiple disabilities; Characteristics and potential in children with multiple disabilities and deafblindness; early dectection and screening; sensory assessment; communication; curriculum development; strategies for teaching; programming for adulthood with multiple disabilities; partnership with families and community; best practices organizations

RSES 626 Family Studies 3 (3–0–6)

Definition and importance of family; roles and type of family; forming relationships and living together; rearing children; roles of family in promoting learning and education to children; family problems and solutions; empowering family

RSES 627 Qualitative Research 3 (2–2–5)

Definition; scope; and importance of qualitative research; method and design of qualitative research; data collection; data analysis and its interpretation; research reports; ethic of research

RSES 628 Applied Statistics in Education 3 (2–2–5)

Sampling techniques; data analysis by using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics; analyses of correlation, means comparison, Chi-squared, regression, analysis of variance, and analysis of covariance; information presentation for planning; monitoring and evaluating; data management for developing learning process; data preparation; data coding; data analysis using computer packages; data interpretation; conclusion from research findings

RSES 629 Movement and Recreation Activities for 3 (2–2–5)
Persons with Special Needs

Principles of movement; rhythmic; type of recreation; arrangement of basic dance for persons with special needs; body awareness; space; qualities; and its coordination; movement and dance with music; game; gymnastics; integrating movement and dance in the classroom

RSES 630 Special Topic in Education for 3 (2–2–5)
Persons with Special needs

Intensive study on topics related to education for persons with special needs

(4) Thesis

credits (lecture-lab-self study)

RSES 698 Thesis 12 (0–48-0)

Production process and research operation on education for persons with special needs; procedures related to thesis proposal; oral presentation of thesis proposal; research paper procedures for publication in academic journal; ethics on research and academia

(5) Thematic Paper

credits (lecture-lab-self study)

RSES 697 Thematic Paper 6 (0–18–0)

Self-study in specific and in-dept contents of education for persons with special needs under supervision with the experts; ethics on research and academia

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