Welcom to the 23rd Braille Reading and Writing Contest

Ratchasuda College of Mahidol University and Thailand Association of the Blind along with several partners in the field of blindness in Thailand are pleased to organize the 23rd annual Braille Reading and Writing Contest. The event will take place atRatchasuda College between January 19- 21, 2018.
Visit Thailand Association of the Blind for registration and detailed announcement www.tab.or.th/bc

National Braille Contest

National Braille Contest will be held all day on Friday January 19, 2018. This includes several categories ranging from individual reading, team reading and sighted person reading. Participants are required to read in Thai and can choose to read in English. Writing categories will include Thai, UEB English and Nemeth math. Thai participants only.
See all categories and Braille grade level required (Thai content)

International Braille Contest

International Braille Contest will be held in the morning of Saturday January 20, 2018. Interested English Braille readers in thailand, other ASEAN countries and other part of the world are welcomed. There are two categories (1) ages 15 til 25 and (2) ages 25 and above.

Writing part:All participants of each category will be in the same room and will listen to 10 words. There will be pauses between words to write each word with a slate. Only 4 line slates are allowed. The result must be English grade 1 Braille without contractions.

Reading part: Each participant of each category will enter reading room individually. Eachperson can choose desired Braille format either in grade 1 (no contractions) or grade 2 (with contractions) and will read for 3 minutes in front of judges. Reading material will be prepared according to UEB standard.
AGENDA The 5th International Braille Reading and Writing Contest 20th January 2018

We are pleased to have participants from 4 countries : Vietnam, Malaysia,
List of participants and contest category
Category Not Over 25
Category Over 25
Category Sigted Assistants

We are pleased to have English native speakers, Braille experts and great support judges for this year international Braille contest. Here is the list of all judges and their affiliated organizations. Good luck to all participants.
List of judges

Marathon Braille Contest

Marathon Braille Contest will start in the morning of Saturday January 20, 2018 and will continue couple of days until we get the winner. Each participant will read a book aloud and get 15 minutes break every three hours. Thai participants only.

Contact Ratchasuda Coordinator

For more information, you can contact Dr. Wiraman Niyomphol, Braille Contest Ratchasuda Coordinator

E-mail: wiraman.niy@mahidol.ac.th

Office: + 66 (0) 2-889-5315 extension 1245

Mobile: + 66 (0) 89-200-2203

Rehabilitation Department Head

Ratchasuda College of Mahidol University

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