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Abstract / document submission

Abstract only (expedited review)

- Abstract submission :                September 8, 2014 - extended to February 20, 2015

Full paper (full peer-review)

- Abstract submission :                September 8, 2014 - December 10, 2014
- Full Paper submission :              September 8, 2014 - extended to January 25, 2015

Exhibition /Disability Forum/ Workshop

Discussion forum and workshops:

In order to give some organizations more time to present their work or focus more on a special topic, we are offering 1 hour – 1 hour and 30 minutes sessions to those that are interested. You may reserve for two consecutive sessions as well. These sessions can be conducted in English or Thai. Please contact us early as we continue to update and finalize our Conference program. Registration fee is required.

Discussion forum:

You may plan to hold a discussion forum ranging from general disability issues to specific disability groups of a particular topic. We hope to see individuals with experience in cross disability issues from several countries to present country reports and contribute to the discussion. If you are knowledgeable in general disability issues, specific disability needs or best practices and would like to hold the discussion, choose "Discussion forum and workshops" when you register and we will contact you for more details.


If you are interested in holding a workshop at our conference to share more of your experience in disability field or would like to have more time promoting your products or services, contact us to submit a topic and reserve a session at the conference. You can offer training on new technologies, give demonstration on specific products, or provide "how to" techniques on a particular topics. Workshop organizers may want to reserve two consecutive sessions to maximize your time. Choose "Discussion forum and workshops" when you register and we will contact you for more details.

- Document submission:                September 8, 2014 - extended to February 20, 2015