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Registration Form

All participants including presenters, exhibitors and personal assistants must register for the conference. After you registered on-line, our staff will follow up with you for further processing.

*** The system for submitting abstracts and full-papers is closed. ***
*** However, potential participants can still register without full-papers or abstracts.***

General information:

First name :  *
Last name :  *
Title or preferred prefix to your name :
Gender :  male      female *
Country :
Organization name :
Address :  *
Email :  *
Office Phone :
Mobile Phone :
You are attending the Conference as : Student
  Disabled person
  Assistant of a disabled person
  Regular participant
  Abstract-only presenter   Upload Abstract-only Presentation  
  Full-paper presenter        Upload Full-paper Presentation  
  Regular Accompanying person
Would you like to join one day disability tour in Bangkok on July 10, 2018?
There is no additional fee. Seats are limited
If you have a disability, please describe your disability so we can accommodate you adequately :
If you have a disability and you are traveling with a personal assistant, please specify his/her name. Note, your personal assistant must register separately as well
Name of personal assistant:
Conference material format and accessibility method that you prefer, (may choose more than one):
All registered participants will receive print and electronic files via thumb drives
  Large print
  Thai sign language interpreter
  FM listening device for English-Thai translation
  Other, please specify
Food preference : No special preference
  Muslim food
  Vegetarian food
  Other, please specify
Additional comments :

After you sent in your registration, you may contact our Conference Coordinator if you have questions or want to change part of your registration information. Please visit our web site for latest information.


** end of registration form **