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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research
and Development of Persons With Disabilities


Photo of Emeritus Prof. Poonpit Amatyakul, Ph.D. Photo of Emeritus Prof. Pramote Prasartkul, Ph.D.
Emeritus Prof. Poonpit Amatyakul, Ph.D. Emeritus Prof. Pramote Prasartkul, Ph.D.
Wachara Riewpaiboon, M.D., MSc.
Ratchasuda College Mahidol University


Editorial Department

Photo of Sunanta Klibthong, Ph.D.

Sunanta Klibthong, Ph.D.
Ratchasuda College

Photo of Assc.Prof. Kitipat Nontapattamadul,Ph.D. Photo of Assc.Prof. Daranee Utairatanakit, Ph.D. Photo of Assc.Prof. Narutt Suttachitt, Ph.D
Assc.Prof. Kitipat Nontapattamadul,Ph.D. Assc.Prof. Daranee Utairatanakit, Ph.D. Assc.Prof. Narutt Suttachitt, Ph.D
Thammasat University Kasetsart University Chulalongkorn University
photo of Assc.Prof. Trirat Jarutach photo of Asst.Prof. Dr. Choomket Sawangjaroen Photo of  Asst. Prof. Teerasak Srisurakul, Ph.D.
Assc.Prof. Trirat Jarutach Asst.Prof. Choomket Sawangjaroen Asst. Prof. Teerasak Srisurakul, Ph.D.
Chulalongkorn University Thammasat University Ratchasuda College
Photo of Jitprapa Sri-On, Ph.D. Photo of Dr. Watinee Opartkiattikul Photo of Dr. Issavara Sirirungreang
Jitprapa Sri-On, Ph.D. Dr. Watinee Opartkiattikul Dr. Issavara Sirirungreang
สถาบันม่านฟ้าเพื่อการวิจัยและพัฒนาคุณภาพชีวิตคนหูหนวก Chulalongkorn University Ratchasuda College
Photo of Dr.Poramate Boonyuen Photo of Ms. Tidarat Nongthong
Dr.Poramate Boonyuen Ms. Tidarat Nongthong
Ratchasuda College Ratchasuda College


Management Division

Photo Miss.Piyanuch Nuchbunchuay Photo of Ms.Pramual Kummark Photo Mrs. Salisa Sri-in
Ms.Piyanuch Nuchbunchuay Ms.Pramual Kummark Mrs. Salisa Sri-in
Photo Mrs. Aramsri Iamsamang Photo of Mr. Mana Prateeppornsak Photo of Ms.Nattharinrada Thanthanachamnankit
Mrs. Aramsri Iamsamang Mr. Mana Prateeppornsak Ms.Nattharinrada Thanthanachamnankit
Photo of Ms. Phakawadee Ninmanee
Ms. Phakawadee Ninmanee

Foreign language department

Photo of Assoc Prof. Joseph Agbenyega

Assoc Prof. Joseph Agbenyega
Monash University


* Opinion, information and conclusion in the articles are from journals' writers. It does not imply that publication department agreed for all contents.