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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research
and Development of Persons With Disabilities

Consideration for publication

  • 1. All journals will be considered by publication department that the articles comply the objective of journals in related field, the correction of the form and words.
  • 2. The journals passed by publication department will be reviewed by at least 2 expert reviewers in related field in order to evaluate and give comments or suggestion.
  • 3. Journal Management Team will collect evaluation results, comments and suggestion of publication department and expert reviewers and reply to the writer to make adjustment.
  • 4. The writer will make appropriated adjustment and submit again to publication department.
  • 5. Publication department will consider checking the adjustment. In case of passing, publication department will arrange queue for publication and inform the writer accordingly.
  • 6. The writer will receive 1 published journal .


  • 1) All published journals are the licenses of journal owner.
  • 2) Publication department has the right to adjust some contents and arrange publication in queue.


* Opinion, information and conclusion in the articles are from journals' writers. It does not imply that publication department agreed for all contents.