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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.11 No.14 January - December 2015

The Model of Policy and Law Reforms
for Occupation Promote of Persons with Disabilities

Adam Neelapaijit1, Tavee Cheausuwantavee2,
Paranee Visuttipun3, Kajonpun Suwansomrid4 , ,


This research to construct a model of occupation related laws in the past, present and in terms of future trends for understanding policy reforms for occupation promote. The sample is persons with disabilities and related personnel in provincial industrial and agricultural sectors in Thailand using participatory action research.

The study found that the model of policy reform and legal reform of occupation promote of persons with disabilities relates to occupation service centers in connection with education, occupation and health.

Legal enforcement was arbitrary in the past, whereas in the present there is broader support for disability employment, opportunity to include them in normal society. A trend toward greater legal consciousness and awareness of persons with disabilities and compliance statute to promote and improve their lives Act of 2556, Section 35.

Keywords: Occupation Promote of Persons with Disabilities, Model


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