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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.11 No.14 January - December 2015

New Master Plan Guideline for Bangpakong Home for Disabilities
toward Improving the Quality of Life of Disabilities and Staff

Rittirong Chutapruttikorn1, Garngunn Wattanawerachai2, Kongjanat Thongonnard3
Sirikorn Sirinok4, Songkran Aimratsamee5 , , ,


The purpose of this research is to identify major physical problems of Bangprakong for Disabilities' master plan to introduce a new design for project improvement. This will help enhance the quality of life of both staffs and disabilities within Bangprakong Home. By observing the location and interviewing Bangprakong Home's staff, the findings show that the main problems are thoroughfare and building location of the recent master plan. They are inefficient to serve functions inside the project. This leads to an access difficulty, slow service, and poor living conditions for all people within the site. With emphasizing on user participation concept, researchers invite some staffs and several residents creating a new master plan together. The groups of buildings are rearranged and the inside pathways are connected which completely link the service area to the residential. Hopefully, this design development guideline can bring a better quality of life to all staff and disabilities within Bangprakong Home.

Keywords: Disability Home Care, Disabilities, Universal Design, Quality of Life


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