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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.12 January - December 2016

Current State, Vocational Needs of Disabilities and Case study of Persons with Autism

Unchalee Sanrattana1, Patcharee Chanpeng 2, Pavee Siriruk 3, Sirinun Surapitoon Pung 4


The objectives of this research were: 1) to study the current state, vocational needs, and problem in occupation of the Disabilities in North-Eastern Thailand and 2) to study the current state, vocational needs, and problem in occupation of the persons with Autism: A Case Study, Khon Kaen Province. The research findings found that most of the problem in occupation of Disabilities were basic needs level such as capital, knowledge, occupational skill, and welfare etc. The support still need to help the Disabilities not to be burden of family or society, to make them more self esteem and attempt to develop the occupation and performance to be efficient further. Quality Educational management thoroughly for Disabilities was necessary. It was also found that there were 7.75% of persons with Autism from all kinds of Disabilities. For current state, vocational needs and problem in occupation for persons with Autism found that parents and teachers of persons with autism need the occupational development for Autisms. Furthermore, it was necessary to develop specific vocational curriculum for Autisms to be able to work, communicate, adjust themselves with others, and work appropriately. The severity of Autism was the major obstacle on work practice ability

Keywords: vocational needs of disabilities, persons with Autism, Autism


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