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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.12 January - December 2016

Development of Web-based Instruction with the Participated Video's Media on Learning Plan of Subject, "Beautiful Flower with Young's Hand" for Hearing Impaired Students

Yaowaret Jantakat1 Udomlux Thongkom2 Sanun Kranka3

yjantakat@gmail.com1, moonuy_ahha@windowslive.com2, sanun.ka1@gmail.com3


The objective of this research is to design and todevelop the participated instruction with video's media on learning of subject, "Beautiful Flower with Young's Hand", is one of learning group of career and technology for hearing impaired students on website. Herewith they can learn and practice on creating various flower patterns. Nakornrachasima Special Education School was selected as a pilot study. This methodology started to analyze lesson and learning of such the studied subject. Then draft of video's media was created to survey with unstructured interview in sample size based on purposive sampling from instructors and hearing impaired students. All of these were improved to obtain the participated video's media after that it was displayed on the developed web. Finally, this web-based instruction with such participation was evaluated by efficient and effectiveness. The result is the participated video's media on learning plan of subject, "Beautiful Flower with Young's Hand", was developed for hearing impaired students on web. This web-based instruction was assessed efficient by experts and effectiveness by instructors and students. The output was found that web based instructor was in good level of efficient and effectiveness assessment, defined as this research is able to implement efficiently and effectively in Nakornrachasima Special Education School.

Keywords: Web Based Instruction, The Participated Video's Media, Hearing Impaired Students


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