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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.12 January - December 2016

Case Management for Persons with Disabilities Service Center

Adam Neelapaijit1, Paranee visuttipan2, Non Vorlapanit3 , rom_visut@hotmail.com2 ,


Case management for persons with disabilities service center is a cooperation process to evaluate plan management and counseling to support the needs of persons with disabilities. The case management consists of three responsibilities. The first is an interview to evaluate the needs of persons with disabilities in all dimensions and holistic approach. The second is cooperation to service and planning with multidisciplinary profession persons, persons with disabilities and family of persons with disabilities, including monitoring, coordination and support corresponding to specific plan. The last is reporting and recording the case study to evaluate performance in the short and long term for continuous improvement. The concept of case management is important to provide rehabilitation service for persons with disabilities with a complex problems and is essential to restoration of service in order to improve the quality of life development for persons with disabilities.

Keywords Case Management, Rehabilitation for Person with Disability, Persons with
      Disabilities Service Center


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