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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.13 January - December 2017

Rehabilitation Counselor: A new vocation with challenge to work
with Person with Disabilities in Thailand.

Tidarat Nongthong1, Malynn Naovanan2 ,


"Rehabilitation Counselor" is a new vocation in a field of rehabilitation counseling. The Rolesof Rehabilitation Counselor are not so widely well-known. In this article, the author recommended two main Issues in order to develop the field of rehabilitation counseling for person with disabilities. The first recommendation was "Job description for rehabilitation counselor should be indicated distingctly and need to be promulgated extensively in academic filed". The author proposed the roles of Rehabilitation Counselor in the form of "Rehabilitation Counseling 4-C Model"; C-Case Management, C-Counseling, C-Coaching & Placement, and C-Challenge & Reinforce. The second recommendation was "The organizations, both in government sectors and private sectors, should promote the position of Rehabilitation Counselor in their organization".

Keyword: Rehabililation Counseling, Counseling


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