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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.14 January - December 2018

The Model of Improvement Teacher Skills by Knowledge Management for Eye Contact Trainingin Children with Autism

Sombut Lumkum1, Sommai Amdokloy2 ,


Autism is a differential individual of neurodevelopmental deficit and the epidemiology is continually increasing. It is therefore important to improve teacher skills especially in term of learning process management for early intervention with autism. The objective of the research were to studying problems and needs to improve the quality of teaching and to develop the model of improvement teacher skills by knowledge management for eye contact training in children with autism. The focus group was operated by 28 participants who were teachers from Superkids Phitsanulok School and specialist. It studied about quality teaching skills after using the model. It also about the eye contact in 28 participants of the 3-5 years children with autism. The results of the qualitative of data collection and the score of the evaluation found that 1) The problems and needs were different of quality teaching skills and poor teachers knowledge can cause the eye contact deficit, impairment and teaching methods. They needed skills enhancement, then develop effective communication between teachers-parents-psychiatrists. 2) The model of improvement teacher skills by knowledge management for eye contact training in children with autism in Superkids Phitsanulok School contained some steps are follows: the stimuli realization of the important for the learning process management, socialization, knowledge tool creation for eye contact training, workshop arrangement and teaching eye contact by coaching. The content of the innovation of the eye contact training were the developmental of eye contact, cause of the eye contact deficit, nervous system of eye contact, behavior modification of aggressive behavior, the eye contact training methods, the notification of drug's sign effect for eye contact training and communication system between teachers-parentspsychiatrists 3) After using the model of improvement teacher skills by knowledge management should in their teaching ability for eye contact training and could improve in eye contact with autism.

Keywords:knowledge management, eye contact, autism


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