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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.14 January - December 2018

Development of multimedia for preparing the stump below the knee prosthetic device by bandaging

Metida Khumjorhor1, Chatsuda Mata2 ,


This study aims to develop multimedia of preparing the stump below the knee prosthetic device by bandaging. Quality, satisfaction of patients and their relatives in multimedia were assessed. The sample was selected from 35 patients with undergoing knee surgery who attended the occupational therapy at Lampang Hospital during June-August 2016. The principle of ADDIE model was used to develop the multimedia, which make the media in the form of a brochure with QR code shown the bandaging process in the form of video. The quality of the multimedia was evaluated by three experts before applying to the real situation. Tool's Mean score was 4.18 out of 5 point, at a good level. Results of calculating the efficiency on the multimedia from process efficiency formula (E1) and the efficiency of the results (E2) was 84.00/83.89 (standard score: 80/80). The overall satisfaction was 4.03 which at the criterion of very satisfaction. The results of this research can be applied as a guideline for the development of self-learning media to practice daily living skills in other fields and reduce the problem of care patients in the wrong way.

Keywords:Multimedia, Preparing the stump, Bandaging


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