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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.14 January - December 2018

Disability Law and Policy in Thailand: An Ideal and Reality in the Past Decade

Tavee Cheausuwantavee1, Kajonpun Suwansomrid2


This documentary research aims to compare the real situations of quality of life (QoL) over the past decade (1999-2010) and the essences of laws and policies passed regarding persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Thailand for addressing how they have been complied with each other. The 435 research projects reflecting the real situations of QoL and 74 laws/policies regarding PWDs met criteria were purposely selected. Content analysis as typology and analytic induction was administered on those data.

The research results reveal that although there are some real positive situations of QoL of PWDs and the majority of legal essences have been harmonious each other, uphold CRPD and promoted human dignity and equal rights of PWDs without discrimination. However, there are many real negative situations of QoL of PWDs especially poor health condition, low education, unemployment and no more social participation due to lack of accessible services, ineffective coordination, inadequate budgets, unskillful service providers as well as negative attitudes of society toward PWDs have been taken place within those law enforcement over the past decade. Furthermore, there are also legal discrepant essences of some laws that may need to be strongly concerned and reformed. These major findings were also shared to public and stakeholders including PWDs, families, services providers, policy makers, community leaders and members in order to encourage their understanding, critiques and consciousness raising and seek for solving these challenges through mutual participation of those stakeholders. In sum, the real situations of QoL of PWDs over the past decade and the essences of the laws/policies passed in Thailand have been not complied with each other or they imply ineffective law enforcement. These findings suggest what and how lawyers, policy makers and other stakeholders should be done in the next steps for effective laws and their enforcement.

Keywords:Disability, Social Policy, Law, Rights, Thailand, Documentary Research


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