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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol. 15 No. 1 January - June 2019

The use of Modeling Procedures to create media promoting career
awareness for blinds

Parinut Chaiyanich1, Praweenya Suwannatthachote, Ph.D.2 ,


The use of Modeling Procedures to create media promoting career awareness for blinds is article aims to present the Modeling Procedures to produce media for enhancing with career awareness of people who are visually impaired that society should pay attention to media production and stimulate awareness in their careers, people with disabilities, to agree with the strategy from 1) social learning theory of Bandura 2) offers a process (Modeling Procedures) 3) using the strategy promotes career awareness 4) development tools and media, create career awareness for those malfunctions suite.Liquidation, see step 4: these inducing mechanism, also to those with visually impaired and career's selection. The belief in the potential it will greatly increase injection pressure, with the dream of people who are visually impaired. It begins with the first step for people who have Visual, listening to a story from the interview to answer questions from the data subject. When listening, Second, use interview questions to generate motivational answers and attitude from the listening experience of the subject to see the same. Principle of determining the subjects to be used is therefore a sensitive subject. The caution is to provide an environment conducive to the concentration between listening. The room should be quiet and no attractive alternative listening. To be effective in career awareness in the profession.

Keywords:career awareness, individual models, career guidance, visually impaired person


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