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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.16 No.2 July - December 2020

Equality in Educational Law for Persons with Disabilities:
Thailand and United States

Pongmanut Deeod1


Nowadays, there is a regulation to support equality of human rights, which there must not have discrimination, either for causes of disability or physical causes. Meanwhile, education has been considered to be a cause of social equality and tool for developing country. However, if educational context is not supported for persons with disabilities, the learners will not be able to access educational system and they will not have opportunity for studying. This article is documentary research from the academic articles, the related literatures and the judgment create additional legal knowledge elements about the ways to develop education support for people with disabilities to promote social equality. At the same time, legal principle from USA is compared with Thai's legal principle which can be seen about better opportunity to support for persons with disabilities in Thailand. The reason is that, USA has been considered as the first country that has regulated to support persons with disabilities, priority on educational support for persons with disabilities, and legal measures to support and also to improve education to be potential for persons with disabilities.Thailand should have multidisciplinary specialists to design the particular curriculum for persons with disabilities and to promote technological devices and facilities for developing quality of education to be effective.

Keywords:Education law, Equality, Disabilities


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