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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
17 No. 1 January – June 2021

The Developmental Package for Promoting Development of Children
with Dyslexia in Early Stage

Kanvipa Hongngam1, Sucheera Polrachom2 ,


The research objectives were to develop a package for promoting development of children with dyslexia (Learning Disabilities in Reading) in the early stage and to determine the suitability of the package. The researcher developed a development kit for children with reading disabilities, consisting of 1) 6 Thai reading exercises for children with Dyslexia in the early stage 2) The online Thai language worksheets for children with Dyslexia in the early stage 3) Video instruction based on the 5 pillars theory 4) Handbook for the use of the developmental development kit for children with Dyslexia in the early stage. The development promotion package has been reviewed to find suitability by organizing focus group and in-depth interviews from 5 experts. Take the quality determination by Index of Item Objective Congruence (IOC), the value of the content and objectives of the exercises = .80 and the online technology system = .82. After improvement according to suggestions and used to experiment with a sample group was children who were diagnosed by a doctor or evaluated by teachers via using the screening form of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) which indicates the impairment or a risk of reading impairment. The sample group was children in grade 1, the age between 6 to 8 years old who voluntarily join the project by randomly selecting a region, central region, randomly selecting provinces and randomly selected schools Randomly selected students in order of 36 students. The researcher selected a specific type, divided into 2 groups, group 1, 3 people used the primary trial. And then bring the results to improve. And group 2 of 10 people for field trials to find efficiency. Descriptive statistics were used using mean, standard deviation. The result found that the development of the package was appropriate and effective, the opinion of 5 professionals agree with this package was appropriate for teaching innovation and suitable for children with dyslexia in the early stage. The efficiency from 3 people E1/E2 (80/80) = 82.22/83.33 and 10 people E1/E2 (90/90) = 87/90 which means that the package was very effective.

Keywords: Package for promoting development children with Dyslexia in early stage,
Children with Dyslexia in early stage, Dyslexia


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