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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
17 No. 1 January – June 2021

The Model of Policy and Law Reforms for Health Promote
of Person with disabilities

Paranee Visuttipun1, Tavee Cheausuwantavee2, Adam Neelapaijit3 , ,


The purpose of this study is to construct a model of policy and law, health promotion for person with disabilities to study laws in the past, present and in terms of future trends for understanding policy reforms for health promotion. The sample is person with disabilities and caregivers in Lower Northeastern Region using participatory action research. The results of this study the model of policy reform and legal reform of health promotion of person with disabilities relates to laws showed that 1) the right to access health services. (transportation to health services) 2) person with disabilities receive health services equally. (A sequin ships between Health Insurance Fund) 3) rehabilitation services by medical procedures and costs of medical care and assistive technology (persons with mental disabilities, intelligence disabilities, learning disabilities and there are very few hospital, especially in the provinces). So that the model law reform has focused on access to health services for person with disabilities at severe disabilities using a home visit by a team of disabled network associates the effects of person with disabilities and caregivers have encouraged more.Suggestions should law reform to develop and improve health benefits fund to fund all three are equal. There should be a national master plan for medical rehabilitation for person with disabilities to have a clear action plan and the develop a system to provide health care for person with disabilities at severe disabilities.

Keywords: Social participation, Health policy, Laws, Person with disabilities


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