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You are here | journal of Ratchasuda College Vol.17 No.1 January - June 2021

Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research and Development of Persons With Disabilities
Vol.17 No.1 January - June 2021

Research Articles

1. The Developmental Package for Promoting Development of Children with Dyslexia in
Early Stage

Kanvipa Hongngam1, Sucheera Polrachom2 | Abstract

2. A Study of Training Field Model in Orientation and Mobility for Skill Development of Persons with Visual Impairment
Suwatchai Chanheng1 | Abstract

3. The Development of a Curriculum to Enhance Independent Living Skills in Home for Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Suranchit Wannuan1, Tamala Boonyakarn2, Chanida Mitranun3 | Abstract

4. The Variety of Institutional Logics under Community - Based Rehabilitation Project in Thailand
Sarawoot Intapanom1, Pichai Rattanadilok Na Bhuket2 | Abstract

5. The Development of Information Service of School Library for Children with Special needs in Mainstreaming to Enhance 21st Century Learning Skills
Titiya Netwong1 | Abstract

6. The Model of Policy and Law Reforms for Health Promote of Person with disabilities
Paranee Visuttipun1, Tavee Cheausuwantavee2 , Adam Neelapaijit3 | Abstract

7. The Effect of Self-help Group Program for Caregivers on aggressive behavior management in school-age children with learning disabilities
Uraiwan Tiengsomboon1 | Abstract

8. The Development of Self-Esteem in Underprivileged Children who have Self-stigma due to Illiteracy: Participatory Action Research
Parinut Chaiyanich 1 , Nattapon Wanta2 , Sumate Noklang3 | Abstract

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