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Ԩ¹繡 ѧ͡çҹԨ·ǢͧѺ֡Ңͧԡ÷㹻 ..2542-2553 ֡ ԡѺäͧ Ѱ٭Ҵ¡þѲҤسҾԵԡ§ ͡ҧẺШӹǹ 207 ͧ š֡Ҿ ҹԨǹ˭վҡش㹻 2549 ԷҹԾ ùԾдѺѳԵ֡ҤдѺԭ ԧسҾ ٻẺèѴ¹͹ç¹Ѵ¹ ǹ˭繡͹Ẻ¹褹ԡѺèѴ֡ 4 ٻẺ ¹ ¹ҧ ¹Ẻ袹ҹ С¹Ẻ੾зҧ աþѲ͡͹ ͹ ʹѲҧ բͨӡѴҹèѴ¹͢ҴŹؤҡ÷ҧ֡Ҿ ҴŹҳ չº ǻԺѵԷѴਹǡѺѡ¹͹ѡ֡Ҿԡ


This research aims to analyze and synthesize the publications and normative texts regarding persons with disabilities from 1999 to 2010 to investigate the effectiveness of the constitution concerned the Promotion and Development of Life Quality of Disabled Persons particularly in education with the 207 topics of purposive sampling. The study reveals that the majority Published research were announced the most in 2006 which were the thesis or thematic papers. The results found that there were mostly four models for integrated school: full-time integrated study, partial integrated study, parallel study and particular study; there were mass media instruction development, computer assisted instruction including the development of all programs. The problems and obstacles in integrated educational management appear that; shortage of personnel in the field of special education; budget allocation and the overall policy for disabled students is not sustainable.

Ҥѭ: ԡ, ֡, ѧҹԨ
Disabilities, Education, Research Synthesis


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