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Disability Support Services (DSS)

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Disability Support helps students with disabilities to remove barriers to participation in education at Ratchasuda College alongside of and at the same pace as other students and facilitates their successful completion of academic programs.

Characteristics of DSS Services

  • 1) Individualized services provided via an assessment interview that helps identifies the student with disability's needs, issues, obstacles with respect to the particular capabilities of the student.
  • 2) Customize solutions in education for students with disabilities.
  • 3) Individual and group counseling
  • 4) One Stop Service provision for all DSS services
  • 5) Volunteers arranged for students with disabilities with specific requirements

Types of DSS Services

The scope of DSS is solely to enable education at Mahidol University in the following ways

Blind and Low Vision Services

  • 1. Computer programs provided for blind and low vision students
  • 2. Document font enlargement services
  • 3. Documentation and voice recording of lectures
  • 4. Audio Text to Speech through the Daisy software
  • 5. Document reformatting (for documents less than 30 pp)
  • 6. Transfer of typed material to PowerPoint
  • 7. Text to MP3 service
  • 8. Printing of Microsoft Word Lessons up to 30 pages per job
  • 9. Conversion of PDFs to Microsoft Word format
  • 10. Braille printing
  • 11. Tactile imaging production (1 per day)
  • 12. Counseling services

Deaf and Low Hearing and Communicative Disorders Services

  • 1. Media and Assistive Technology services
  • 2. Counseling services

Mobility Impaired Student Services

  • 1. Accessibility services within Ratchasuda College, such as ramps, lifts, railings, classroom and restroom access for students
  • 2. Equipment loans for writing/typing assistance and wheelchairs.
  • 3. Counseling services.

Procedures for One Stop Services

  • 1. Before the beginning of a semester, the student with disabilities must register with DSS staff of Ratchasuda College
  • 2. The DSS coordinator makes an appointment for an intake interview to understand the nature of the disability (ies), request for various services and filling out of appropriate forms.
  • 3. The student then submits the forms within the appointed time frame.
  • 4. The DSS coordinator coordinates with the DSS team for customized services according to the student request.
  • 5. The DSS coordinator notifies the student
  • 6. The student will then be able to make full use of all DSS services by submitting the appropriate request forms three days prior to service.
  • 7. DSS staff check on work deadlines to make sure the student is able to meet them.
  • 8. DSS staff coordinate with academic personnel and volunteers in providing services.
  • 9. DSS staff and volunteers fill the requests.
  • 10. Academic services and volunteers send materials to DSS staff
  • 11. Students receive their requested assistance within the time frame requested.


  • 1. Please request services 1 week prior to deadlines in order which takes three working days to to facilitate coordination with volunteers and 3-4 days for finishing document or formatting requests, depending on the size of the originals.
  • 2. Computers and scanners at DSS are available on a first come first serve basis.
  • 3. Submit only one file or job per request. If several files are required, add additional requests.

Our location

Disabled Student Services

Ratchasuda College, Mahidol University

Phone: 02-8895315-9 Ext. 120-121

Monday-Friday 8:30 – 11:30 AM and 1 - 4 PM.

E-mail address :